Husband & Wife Disputes

Man and woman come together in the bond of marriage and become Husband and Wife. They are meant to live together in love and compassion with all the sacrifice and they need to do it for each other in goodness. The moment any problem arises in this relationship it becomes a problem that can create a lot of tension for the couple as well as the family around.

Husband and wife problem is very delicate and sensitive matter to handle. But it must be handled. Because one cannot even ignore the problem. Either husband or wife anyone would have been the reason for starting the problem or enlarging the problem. But the sufferings are for both Husband and wife. Husband and wife problems are not sudden eruptions, but it is always the problems that had developed over the years. One day it takes to the level of breakup or Divorce.

The problem could be a single person, but the other person would still love and want to retain the relationship. Sometimes it could be mutual that both would have been a real problem and want to break. Husband and wife problem will change their lives forever and make it wretched. Both Husband and wife can’t do any work properly.They will be cogitating all the time and be brooding over the matter and worry. And sometimes they even get into vengeance. When their vengeance gets to their head they will start harming each other. During such scenarios, some people may even plan for Black Magic and so on.

There could be many reasons for breakup and divorce. Many times Husband and wife problems arise due to Lack of trust, lack of love, infidelity and Absence of compatibility and so on. Most of the times all these problems can be solved by better communication. The small problem becomes a big problem because of the absence of proper communication. Husband and wife problem also may even arise due to jealousy. But whatever is the reason for the problem,it has to be fixed. Otherwise, they can ruin their lives and their loved ones also. How would one get these problems solved? Our intelligence and other life skills do not help in these situations. Then what to do. There is one aspect of life i.e astrological implications are the right and safety aspect to look into. All these problems are due to changed planet positions in the horoscopes of Husband and wife.

Master Shiva Shankar is an excellent expert astrologer in solving Husband and Wife problems. Astrologer Ramdial creates the plan to attempt the solutions psychologically, looking into the mental status of the affected people. Then he will look at the planetary positions in the Horoscope. Then he will execute the solutions in a methodical way.

Either Husband or wife would love to be in the relationship forever. If he or she has to go through the separation, then he/she alone suffers. In these situations, Astrologer Ramdial clears the Husband and wife problem in an astrological way. He does a Psychic assessment and horoscope assessment then he finds out the astrological reason for the problems. Then he provides the remedy. It is very safe and sure.

Even if Husband and wife problems are because of simple behavioral issues like abuse, lack of trust, lack of faith in each other, unfaithfulness etc. then our astrologer Master Shiva Shankar’s intervention will ease the situation and mend the people involved to live the right life. He will also enable the path for rehabilitation and restoration in an astrological way for better behavior and good life for the couple

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I had a long-term problem with my Spouse and we could not resolve at all. Eventually, we separated. And my wife wanted that we must get a divorce so that we can travel on our own paths. And I never wanted that. I always wanted that these problems are solved and we get back to our old loving days. I can’t allow myself to lose these things in my life because I consider myself lucky to have my lady. When I approached Master Shiva Shankar he made me very clear that the relationship problems I have now are because of planet situations in my life. He consoled me that it can be solved with his remedy. Yes, indeed I trusted and waited in faith and did the simple remedy he suggested. It was a miracle my wife called me and said she wanted to meet me. Ever since there is no looking back in our life. Thank you, Master Shiva Shankar for your timely support.

Nelson Calgray, Canada

We are happy parents with two cute kids. One is going to school. Another baby is in my hand taking the maximum time and attention of ours. So adorable kids we have and we are so happy. But this status did not come very easily. We were childless couples for many years in our life. We were very depressed and did not know what to do to change our lives. Our life was so gloomy and very hopeless. We were puzzled by what must do? We have met every possible specialist and got suggestions on every possible solution from them. But nothing helped us. We eventually decided to meet Master Shiva Shankar who is an expert in providing solutions to Child problems. We are now happy parents. It is all because of his precise astrological reading and solutions.

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My husband had severe stomach pain and we took him to different doctors and healers and so on. Nothing helped him and we all suffered in the family because he suffered. We could not help him. He was suffering very much. Finally, we decided to take astrological help and searched for a good expert in Astrological services for good health. We got to know about the reputation of Master Shiva Shankar and immediately we met him. He gave such a simple remedy and ever since my husband is in very good health. He is continuing his normal life. He does his exercise regularly and eats very normal. We are all happy. Thanks to Master astrologer Ramdial and his excellent service to my Husband.

Richard Montreal, Canada

I had severe money crunch in my life. Could not think as what I must do? Literally, I was broke. Without money could not do anything? No confidence to proceed. Whatever I did for making money, nothing worked. Only thing I had was hopelessness. I was so depressed. I met Master Shiva Shankar, he did the remedial puja and Money spell. It changed my life for good. Ever since I am a different person. Never was I in want of money. I always had a surplus. Thanks to our famous astrologer Ramdial for his great service.

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My wife had a problem related to Pregnancy. She had a number of miscarriages in the past four years. We longed for a child in our life. We had relationship problems due to this. My wife met Master Shiva Shankar for help. He is the famous astrologer and very expert in services like clearing childlessness problem. He asked for both our horoscopes, he said Saturn was over the moon and this indicates the pregnancy difficulty. At the same time, he said it is not permanent. It is just a temporary problem. He gave us a plan of remedy for a period of time. And we were very consistent. Now we are blessed with a baby girl, so cute by natural delivery. Thanks to Masterji for his predictions and the same happened.

Allen Montreal, Canada

I was in severe depression and had multiple health issues. I met Master Shiva Shankar and got my horoscope reading. Without me telling anything, he understood all the problems and its root cause. Master Shiva Shankar revealed that I am struck by the negative energy and that is impairing my whole body and Mind. He planned for a series of spiritual healing sessions and I am completely cured and very healthy now.

Martin Quebec, Canada

Master Shiva Shankar is a great astrologer and I am indebted to him for my happy life now. My business was affected extremely and I became zero after climbing very hard to the top. It changed my whole life. I lost all my accumulations and confidence. I had to start all over again. I knew I must. But I did not have any courage to do it all over again. And had no support from my near and dears and my family was shattered. Only Master Shiva Shankar gave the faithful word that I will do it all over again and grow more than what I was. Yes, it happened. He gave me a simple Money spell in my life and did Lakshmi puja in my office. I was blessed with good business just within one month.

Jackson Calgray, Canada

Dear Master Shiva Shankar Ji, I must share my sincere gratitude to youfor changing my life from where I was to where I am now. I was directionless. And I did not know what is right and what was appropriate for me to do. I had many doubts. And everything I touched was the failure and wanted to just get rid of everything. Masterji analyzed my Horoscope and gave me a remedy along with strong puja. I changed forever then.

Elly Quebec, Canada